Civil Law


Recent developments in the political climate have substantially changed the ability of persons convicted of a felony to get their right to possess a firearm reinstated.  We have assisted many people get their right to own a firearm back.  This process is not to complicated, however, a hearing before a judge is required.  The case would be filed in the Circuit Court of the City or County in which the client lives.  ​

No Fault or Uncontested Divorces

Many states now have what are called "No Fault" or "Uncontested" Divorces.  20-91 of the Virginia Code allows for either party to file for a divorce as long as certain requirements have been met. Generally, the Circuit Court of the jurisdiction of a party is the location where the divorce needs to be filed.


Under Virginia Code § 19.2-392.2, a person qualifies for an expungement if he or she is acquitted of a criminal offense, the Commonwealth takes a nolle prosequi the criminal charge, or “is otherwise dismissed.” Additionally, a person is eligible for an expungement of a criminal offense upon presenting evidence to the court that the criminal charge arose as a result of identity theft.

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