No Fault or Uncontested Divorces

Lawyer and client speaking NO FAULT OR UNCONTESTED DIVORCES

Many states now have what are called “No Fault” or “Uncontested” Divorces.  20-91 of the Virginia Code allows for either party to file for a divorce as long as certain requirements have been met. Generally, the Circuit Court of the jurisdiction of a party is the location where the divorce needs to be filed.

Generally, a “No Fault” or “Uncontested” Divorce is simple to obtain, although, there can be many pit falls in the process as well.

The Bostic Law Firm has handled hundreds of divorces for our clients.


In most states, including Virginia, a plaintiff asks the Court to Order the “Dissolution of the Marriage” which means to grant the plaintiff a divorce.  “No Fault” or “Uncontested” divorce simply means that neither party has to present evidence that the other party did something wrong, The parties simply separate for a period of either 6 months or 12 months depending on the facts of the case.

Very often, in “No Fault” or “Uncontested” divorces, we are able to obtain the divorce without anyone having to go to Circuit Court and present evidence to judge.

If you are seeking help in getting a divorce, give us a call for a free initial consultation.  We often are able to get the basic information by phone to determine if you are eligible.

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