Recent developments in the political climate have substantially changed the ability of persons convicted of a felony to get their right to possess a firearm reinstated.  We have assisted many people get their right to own a firearm back.  This process is not to complicated, however, a hearing before a judge is required.  The case would be filed in the Circuit Court of the City or County in which the client lives.

We are very familiar with the documents that have to be filed as well as properly present the evidence to the judge to have the best chance of getting our clients right to possess a firearm reinstated.

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We typically handle several types of restorations.  The most common type is restoration of a persons drivers license.  In Virginia, there are several code sections whereby a person who has had their license permanently revoked or they were declared a Habitual Offender, to get their license reinstated.

Normally, a person who is seeking a full drivers license restoration will have to wait until 3 years from their most recent conviction of a driving offense.  If the revocation is based upon an alcohol offense, the person will have to have been alcohol free for at least 1 year before filing for the restoration.  We have helped many people get their license reinstated and can help you.

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