Criminal Law

Judge ruling on verdict Essentially, there are 2 different types of Courts in the United States that deal with crimes.  Federal Court is where many of the larger cases are brought.  Cases involving large scale drug distribution conspiracies, white collar crimes, and child pornography are the most common crimes charged in Federal Court.​

The other type of court is Virginia State Court.  The vast majority of people that are charged with committing a crime are charged in state court.  The categories of crimes vary widely but include Violent crimes such as Assault and Battery or Malicious Wounding, Drug crimes such as Drug Possession or Drug Distribution, Larceny crimes such as Petty Larceny or Grand Larceny, Firearm crimes such as Possession of a Firearm after while being a Felon, Fraud crimes such as Forgery and Uttering or Bad Checks, and many more.

Please look at the individual pages for Federal and State Courts for more details.

Federal Criminal Law

A recent development in the field of criminal law is the expansion of the federal government into the area of criminal prosecutions on a large scale.​

Virginia Criminal Law

Virginia Criminal Law is primarily located in Title 18.2 of the Virginia Code of 1950, as amended.  For most people charged with a crime, this is the area their crime is defined.​

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