Federal Criminal Law

Person being sentencedA recent development in the field of criminal law is the expansion of the federal government into the area of criminal prosecutions on a large scale.

The expansion started in the 1980’s when crack cocaine became a drug of choice for drug dealers. The epidemic quickly caught the attention of the U.S. government and prosecutions on a large scale became prominent.

The way prosecutions in Federal Court work are very different than State Courts.  Federal prosecutors, along with the FBI, ATF and DEA start developing evidence over the course of several years and ONLY then would bring an indictment.  Very often, the indictment would charge many people at 1 time and bring the main charge as a Conspiracy to Distribute 500 grams or more of crack cocaine which would normally carry a MANDATORY 10 years and, depending on the persons prior drug history, mandatory 20 years or EVEN MANDATORY LIFE!!

Besides drug conspiracies, the federal government has become very involved in child pornography prosecutions.  The prosecutions have now become world wide and evidence is collected by many governmental agencies around the planet. Our firm has handled numerous child pornography cases and we’re well aware of the consequences that our clients face when charged with child pornography crimes.

If you’ve been charged with a Federal Crime, give us a call, we can help.

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