Firm Overview

Mr. Bostic was recently written up in “The Champion” which is the official publication of the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (VACDL) for excellence in the representation of a client charged with a felony drug charge.

R. Darren Bostic graduated from St. Andrews Presbyterian College in 1984 with a degree in Business Management.  In 1989, Mr Bostic graduated from Campbell University School of Law and, after passing the North Carolina Bar, began prosecuting in North Carolina.

In 1991, Mr. Bostic passed the Virginia Bar Exam and began practicing criminal defense in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Since that time, Mr. Bostic has represented thousands of people for almost every type of crime that exists.

Since 1991, Mr. Bostic has tried approximately 50 jury trials in both state and federal court.  Mr. Bostic routinely tries cases in the state courts and has a great understanding of the dynamics of both bench trials (where judge decides guilt or innocence) and jury trials.

Besides criminal offenses, we also assist people in getting their right to Possess a Firearm reinstated, Expungements and Drivers License/Habitual Offender reinstatements. We have assisted many people over the years get their rights reinstated and we can assist you.

The main focus of the firm is to assist clients with the following goals.  1st, always advise our clients as to exactly where they stand, be it good or bad.  Our belief is that the client must be advised of ALL the possible outcomes of their case.

2nd, ALWAYS keep client informed as to the status of their case, whether it is insuring clients know their court date, status of negotiations, obtaining evidence, need to interview witnesses and prepare clients for trial, etc.

If you need our assistance, feel free to tell us your problem.

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